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100 Women Who Care Temiskaming Shores & More

The 100 Women Who Care - Temiskaming Shores & More is a powerful network of women who come together to support local causes and create a positive impact. Every quarter, their members meet at either the Haileybury or New Liskeard golf club to choose one of three causes from our members' submissions for support. Just drop us a direct message or email, and we'll provide you with all the details you need to become a member of 100 Women Who Care in Temiskaming.

100 Women Who Care Temiskaming Shores & More

In the heart of Temiskaming Shores and its surrounding areas, a remarkable group of women has been changing lives and empowering their community since November 2019. They are the compassionate and generous members of "100+ Women Who Care Temiskaming Shores & More." In just four short years, these community-minded women have achieved remarkable feats, donating an astounding $192,250 in just 16 hours.

On the last Wednesday of February, May, August, and November, these women gather for just one hour. During this time, they nominate local causes close to their hearts, draw three nominations from a box, listen attentively to presentations advocating for these nominated causes, and then cast their votes. The beauty of their collective effort lies in the fact that the nominated beneficiary receiving the most votes becomes the recipient of the total donation.

Their dedication to making a difference is palpable, as exemplified by their recent contribution of $14,050 to the Temiskaming Thunder Basketball Program. Through this act of generosity, they have opened up yet another avenue for the youth of their community to lead active, healthy lives.

In the words of the legendary Helen Reddy from her iconic 1972 anthem, "I am woman, hear me roar in numbers too big to ignore." Indeed, these women are a testament to the power of collective action, showcasing that when women come together with a common purpose, their impact is truly too significant to overlook. The 100+ Women Who Care Temiskaming Shores & More have not only echoed these sentiments but have lived them, making their community a better place for all. Their dedication, generosity, and unwavering commitment serve as an inspiration for us all.

We are proud to be involved with a cause that means so much to us - enriching the lives of young people in our community. We commend the founders and coaching staff of Temiskaming Thunder for sharing their knowledge and passion for this sport, providing positive leadership and for their ability to inspire greatness in our youth on and off the court!

Linda and Jada Miller,

Owners of Miller Realty Group Inc.

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