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Lex Vaniperen

Temiskaming Thunder U19 Boys Head Coach

+1 (705) 648-0118

Meet coach Lex, a true competitor and basketball force in the post. Standing tall at 6'7", Lex played as a center for two varsity men's basketball programs at Laurentian University and Fanshawe College. Lex's passion for basketball led him to become a dedicated coach, mentoring and training aspiring athletes in Northern Ontario

Lex Vaniperen

Introducing Coach Lex, a dedicated basketball enthusiast with an impressive journey from Woodstock, Ontario, to Northern Ontario. Lex played OBA rep basketball with the Oxford Attack and Woodstock Chill for 4 years from grades 9-12 earning multiple Gold, Silver and bronze medals. During his grade 13 year, Lex moved to Englehart with his family to a dairy and cash crop farm where he made his mark in high school sports, attending OFSAA with his team. Standing tall at 6'7", Lex was a commanding presence on the basketball court, catching the attention of all who watched him play. A true competitor and a dominant force in the post, he consistently earned MVP titles at various tournaments he participated in. Heavily recruited by the Laurentian Men's Basketball program, Lex played two successful years as a center while pursuing a degree in Economics.

Continuing his basketball career, Lex transitioned to Fanshawe College, becoming a key player and starter for the Falcon's Men's Basketball team for two years. His passion for the game was evident in the countless hours he devoted to early-morning training sessions and late-night practices. Lex's relentless work ethic and commitment to honing his skills paved the way for his success as a player and eventually as a dedicated coach. With extensive experience in both the OUA and OCAA leagues, Lex's competitive spirit and talent made him a formidable force on the court.

After graduating with a Diploma in Business, Coach Lex returned to Northern Ontario, where he found his true calling in coaching. He generously dedicated his time to mentor and train aspiring post-secondary basketball players from the region, nurturing their skills and potential. In addition to coaching at EHS and TDSS high school basketball teams, Lex's passion for developing talent shines through as he commits countless hours to training Northern Ontario students in pursuit of their dreams.

With a wealth of experience and a genuine love for the sport, Coach Lex brings a unique perspective and a commitment to excellence in helping athletes reach their full potential on and off the court. The Temiskaming Thunder is proud to have Coach Lex as a driving force behind our mission to inspire and empower the next generation of basketball stars.

Our Coaching Team.

The Temiskaming Thunder Coaches is comprised of former varsity athletes, local coaches, active Northern Ontario community members, parents, friends and professionals. All of whom demonstrate a strong commitment in developing a program that provides accessibility to the sport of basketball to Northern Ontario youth.

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