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Lorna Desmarais

Temiskaming Thunder U19 Girls Head Coach

‭+1 (705) 648-3602‬

Lorna, a true sports enthusiast hailing from New Liskeard. From her early days dominating the basketball courts at TDSS to her current volunteer role as a driving force in the Active One Source for Sports Ladies Basketball League, Lorna's passion and dedication know no bounds.

Lorna Desmarais

Meet Lorna, a true New Liskeard local. From a young age, Lorna's heart was set on sports, excelling in basketball and volleyball during her unforgettable five years at TDSS. After graduation, she ventured to Guelph University, where she played varsity volleyball for two years, but her love for basketball remained unmatched. Graduating with an Honors Degree in Human Kinetics in 2000 she moved back home where she has been making a difference in our Northern Ontario comunities working as a Public Health Promoter at the Timiskaming Health Unit for over two decades.

When it comes to basketball, Lorna is a true competitor. For more than 20 seasons, she's been a key member of the Active One Source for Sports Ladies Basketball League, taking on the role of President for the past 9 years. And let's not forget, she's still lacing up her sneakers and hitting the court each week, proving that her passion for the game is stronger than ever.

But Lorna's dedication doesn't stop there. She's thrilled to be back at TDSS, giving back to the community by coaching both the senior girls and junior boys basketball teams. Her support for the TDSS Youth League basketball program is constant as well as truly making an impact on the students who have had the opporunity to be coached by her.

Beyond the basketball court, Lorna is the Vice President of the Tri Town Ski and Snowboard Village. When winter comes, you'll find her on the slopes, sharing her expertise and joy for skiing with children of all ages.

Her love for the game of basketball spreads to her own family, as her two teenage daughters share her passion for the sport. They're both eager to be part of the first-ever Temiskaming Thunder teams. Not to mention their at home basketball court makes for some competitive family game nights.

Lorna's commitment to sports, her community, and the next generation of athletes is inspirational. New Liskeard is lucky to have such a dedicated and spirited individual leading the way!

Our Coaching Team.

The Temiskaming Thunder Coaches is comprised of former varsity athletes, local coaches, active Northern Ontario community members, parents, friends and professionals. All of whom demonstrate a strong commitment in developing a program that provides accessibility to the sport of basketball to Northern Ontario youth.

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